February 2021

Simply Sail is sailing North on another adventure!  We will be open for business as soon as we return!  Thank you so much for your continued support!

Lines are cast!!!

Now that we have a hotspot we can resume posting on our blog!!    We have cast the lines and are heading south on Luckydog!  The cruising dream was instilled in Marcus at an early age by his dad Will Simmons.  He bought a little wooden boat, fixed it up and took the family sailing.   Marcus fell in love with the idea that you could get in a sailboat and go anywhere you wanted!   He also liked the fact that it takes a little technical skill like riding a bicycle or flying a glider.  To him, sailing is fun!

Thwarted by the rain!

Our departure has been delayed due to several days of nonstop rain!    If all goes well we plan to leave sometime tomorrow.  This weekend has been beautiful and we were able to load our provisions on Luckydog and miraculously find room to stow everything!  We have certainly enjoyed getting together with friends and family before we leave!  The next post will be to announce that we are sailing away!

Move Over “Where’s Waldo”...meet Blue!

Our plan is to cast the lines on Luckydog this Sunday, February 21 and sail south toward Miami!  Our pups have their "passport" to be " island dogs" in the Bahamas, our tethers are here to keep all of us from falling overboard in the event of rough seas, clothes are packed, provisions are ready to load, Luckydog is ship shape, the house sitter is lined up and the weather forecast for Sunday is perfect!  We have a new stowaway traveling with us and his name is " Blue"!

Preparing to cast the lines for our sailing trip to the Bahamas!

It is now two weeks until we plan to sail away from our slip at Bohicket Marina on Seabrook Island, South Carolina and head to Florida for our first leg of our Bahamas journey!  We will be meeting up with Frank, my husband Marcus's dear lifelong friend and another couple Mike and Judy.  We plan to meet up at Northern Lake Worth anchorage north of Miami and have our COVID tests.  Hopefully we are all negative and we can receive our health visa, head to Miami and find the perfect spot to take off and cross the Gulf Stream to Bimini!